A sobering yet hope filled thought!

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My Why

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Hear my heart… hear my WHY! - Sta

I STAND for Law Enforcement!

13, December 2022   0 Comments
On the short list of unarguable roles we ALL expect and need our government to play I believe Law Enforcement is

I STAND for Opportunity!

13, November 2022   0 Comments
I STAND for Opportunity… I believe Lincoln can display compassion at its finest and foster the dignity of those in need


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I STAND for COLLABORATION! “… to work jointly with each other” I believe strong, vibrant working relationships among civic, business and

Lifetime of Service

27, October 2022   0 Comments
Every person… every day… is in the pursuit of happiness.  And everyone has a strategy. Something they are chasing, thinking that

Proven Leadership

27, October 2022   0 Comments
Stan founded MyBridge in 2009. He serves as the Executive Director, leading the growth of the ministry to encompass three domains


23, October 2022   0 Comments
States have power! I believe states that fight for unity can forge a unique identity and find they have autonomy putting

Campaign Fundraising: A Different Approach

20, October 2022   0 Comments
When I held the press conference to announce my official entry into the mayoral race, I had actually JUST completed opening

I STAND for Integrity!

13, October 2022   0 Comments
I STAND for Integrity! I believe that the ability to build trust is the number one leadership competency needed today! Lack

I STAND for Leadership!

05, October 2022   0 Comments
I STAND for Leadership! I believe that EVERYTHING rises and falls on leadership! More than political experience I believe leadership acumen
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