Thank you for making the investment of doing your research to learn more about who I am! I have been where you are, trying to figure out who to vote for yet not having any first hand knowledge of the candidates. Mere marketing messaging is… meh!

That’s why I’m inviting you to a live conversation with me via ZOOM! Monday April 3 from 8-9pm, I am hosting the last ZOOM meeting before the primary election! Log on with other Lincoln voters… hear my heart… ask your questions! From the convenience of your own home. Camera on or off at your comfort level.

I hope to see you then!

Stan Parker

Stan Parker grew up in an Air Force family. Living in Nebraska since moving to Bellevue during early elementary school, he is a Nebraskan. He attended the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, where he was a Husker starting offensive guard, second team All Big Eight and senior team captain, graduating with a B.A. in Business Administration in 1986.

Having served in non-profit organizations since graduating from college, Stan founded MyBridge in 2009. He serves as the Executive Director, leading the growth of the ministry to encompass three domains – MyBridge Radio, MyBridge Momentum and MyBridge to the Nations. 

Beginning with one radio station in 2003, under Stan’s leadership the MyBridge Radio network has grown to 8 stations and multiple translators covering much of Nebraska, including the I-80 corridor across the state. In 2021, Stan led the launch of MyBridge Español with one station and one translator, adding a second translator in 2022 and poised to add additional stations in the next year to serve Nebraskans whose heart language is Spanish. 

Out of Stan’s 30+ years of nonprofit leadership experience, applying the knowledge he has gleaned and resources he has created, he developed MyBridge Momentum, focused on serving leadership teams of nonprofit organizations. Each week he coaches teams in the implementation of the Momentum Building Process, empowering them to develop a robust operating system that drives consistent predictable performance, teaching an expanding set of simple tools to increase team leadership competencies, facilitating the execution of a strategic planning cadence to unlock continuous innovation from within, and coaching to leverage their building momentum to consistently navigate breaking through ceilings.

Stan and his wife Rachel have been married for 37 years. Their family includes Josiah, a physical therapist who lives in Omaha with his wife Kim and two delightful children Titus and Ruby; Karis, an educator in Kansas City; and Shalom, an art therapist in Chicago.

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Tom Osborne

I think it’s important that somebody running a city or serving a state has done something where they met a payroll and understand how the business world works. So often people in politics pretty much have only done politics. And so I like the background Stan has in that regard. He is a man of faith. He is a guy you can count on. He’s a good leader. He’s not an in your face kind of leader, but he’s a guy that listens, makes good decisions, and leads by example. I’m proud to say Stan is my friend and somebody I think a great deal of.

Cindy Paulsen

In 1993 I was in college, and I met Stan through volunteering for a non-profit organization. It didn’t take long to see that Stan was like no person I had ever met. His communication, leadership, and innovativeness were unlike anything I had ever experienced. Twenty-nine years later, I still have met nobody with the skills, experience, character, and integrity of Stan Parker! Stan has led individuals, couples, small businesses, and large businesses from unhealthiness to healthiness. He has helped start non-profits of all types to be growing and thriving. He asks questions to get to the heart of issues and he can see through the unimportant to get to what really matters.  In all the years I’ve known Stan I have heard the question asked many times if he would write a book about leadership. He truly is the expert and people all over look to him to guide and lead! Having him guide and lead the city as our mayor would benefit Lincoln in ways we have never seen before.

Teacher / Lincoln

Dr. Caroline Sorenson

Stan is hands down the most effective leader I have ever known. His entire professional life has been spent growing a thriving organization and training leaders in the marketplace and non-profit arenas. He helps even top executives clarify vision, formulate strategy, and break through ceilings to a new level of effectiveness. More importantly, Stan is a true servant of people and is not after personal gain. His integrity and his faithfulness to his profession and his community are unparalleled. He is the rarest of individuals, willing to put on hold a successful career in service of Lincoln.

Brad Brown

I’ve known Stan for over 18 years. I can attest to his love for the people of Lincoln regardless of party lines. His leadership, integrity, wisdom, and devotion to his family and faith are inspiring. Stan is a leader of leaders, he’s genuinely humble, and he’s never abused his position of power and influence. Stan has used his influence for the greater good of people and both nonprofit and for-profit businesses for decades.

Chief People Officer / Anderson Auto Group

Dave Chally

Stan has an amazing ability to take difficult, complex problems and break them down into manageable tasks and objectives. He is a deep thinker. Stan’s passion for excellence is only surpassed by his love for the people he serves. His life is balanced, and he loves his family. I’ve watched Stan walk through some of life’s deepest challenges with amazing courage and faith. He’s been an inspiration to everyone he leads and serves. Stan is a born leader and an even better man.

Jesse Dotterer

I got to know Stan while working at a local non-profit. He volunteered to help us with our strategic planning process. Stan did a phenomenal job of nurturing our team to navigate some difficult situations and pushing us in our leadership ability. His efforts propelled us through several organizational challenges that we couldn’t have tackled without him. I have no doubt his deep knowledge of leadership and his extensive experience in creating effective teams will have a huge positive impact on our city. 

Operations / MyBridge

Brady Bonsall

Stan Parker's influence on so many lives is rooted in one simple reality - people trust him. Over the course of almost three decades, I have leaned on his wisdom many times, and I still consider him to be my mentor. He does not shy away from tough conversations or difficult circumstances. Ultimately, Stan's authenticity strikes a chord with many because it is uncommon.

Head Cross Country and Track Coach / UNK

Cheryl Hansen

While serving business executives in my coaching practice, I constantly hear of the need for transparent truth and leadership, especially when circumstances are hard.  Over the past 15 years, I have seen Stan model these qualities in all areas of his life, illustrated in the countless ways that he has invested in me personally when I didn’t have the strength, as well as so many others. He has coached and led non-profits from chaos to excellence. Without reservation, Stan is an invested leader with trustworthy influence for good and will steward our city well as our next mayor.

Executive and Team Coach / career educator
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