I STAND for Leadership!

I STAND for Leadership!

I believe that

EVERYTHING rises and falls on leadership!

More than political experience

I believe

leadership acumen is what’s needed

for Lincoln to realize our fullest potential!

Therefore I will not cherry-pick a single issue or two,

as hot as the topics may be,

and make a promise born out of ignorance at best

or arrogance at worst.

Ignorance in that isolating single issues

seeks to speak to complexity, simplistically!

Arrogance in that speaking dogmatically into an issue

without all the facts

is a gross overestimation of one’s capacity!


Each and every major function of our city,

that encompasses any and all of our concerns,

has a leader

stewarding that area on our behalf.

The promise I do make to you is that if I am elected mayor

the 13 men and women,

the city directors,

will be my top priority!

Serving them as they serve you!

Investing in their development!

Verifying their competence!

Vetting their planning!

Engaging your concerns!

Ensuring excellence!

And from executing this process


you, I, and the department leadership

will navigate and nail down decisions that we STAND together on

and which will allow Lincoln to thrive!


Leadership coaching

organizational development

strategic planning

are absolute passions of mine!

They are what I currently spend a majority of my time on!

It is what I do!

Every week, for years, I have been at the table with nonprofit, business and educational leaders

helping them build momentum

break through ceilings

and advance their missions!

I would be honored to use this skill set to serve the city of Lincoln as our next mayor!

2 thoughts on “I STAND for Leadership!

  1. Teresa Stanley

    I hope you do really well in election process. Think your a really great guy with a Christ centered focus. We have always needed you in leadership

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