States have power!

I believe states that fight for unity

can forge a unique identity

and find they have autonomy

putting more of their destiny


We have been tested as a country.

Testing that has exposed the competency

and incompetency

of our leaders.

All states went through the same fiery challenges!

Not all states fared the same.

The states that simply followed

the national narrative

shut down their schools and locked down their businesses

damaging their kids and their economies!

States with strong, united leadership

made different courageous choices

allowing their schools and businesses to remain open

therefore allowing their kids and their economies to remain healthy!

Lincoln is the capital city!

In so many ways, Lincoln brings Nebraska together,

from the Unicameral to the University!

With a national agenda continuing to be promoted

that at times is in stark contrast to Nebraska values

I believe Lincoln could play a critical role as a catalyst for unity

helping to bring Nebraska together around our shared identity

leveraging our autonomy

and taking more of our destiny

into our own hands!

If elected mayor

this would be a top priority!

Without compromising Lincoln’s interest

I would seek to work synergistically with the governor

and other state and city officials to those ends!

If we STAND together

we can STAND for what we believe,

STAND against what we don’t,

and STAND out as a state who knows who we are!

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