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I first knew Stan as an athlete. He was a great high school athlete, which at one level probably has very little to do with running for mayor, but it certainly demonstrates he had great discipline and knew how to put his athletic ability to work. 

One thing about Stan that is relevant to the mayor’s contest is that he started the organization of MyBridge Radio, beginning with 1 station. There are now 20 stations, with some in Spanish, which pretty well blankets the state of Nebraska, as well as online activity. The reason I mention this is that I think it’s important that somebody running a city or serving a state has done something where they met a payroll and understand how the business world works. So often people in politics pretty much have only done politics. And so I like the background Stan has in that regard.

He is a man of faith. When he worked with FCA I got to know him a little bit through that, too. He is a very good family man. He is a guy you can count on. He’s a good leader. He’s not an in your face kind of leader, but he’s a guy that listens, makes good decisions, and leads by example. I’m proud to be able to say Stan is my friend and somebody I think a great deal of.



Stan is hands down the most effective leader I have ever known. His entire professional life has been spent growing a thriving organization and training leaders in the marketplace and non-profit arenas. He helps even top executives clarify vision, formulate strategy, and break through ceilings to a new level of effectiveness. More importantly, Stan is a true servant of people and is not after personal gain. His integrity and his faithfulness to his profession and his community are unparalleled. He is the rarest of individuals, willing to put on hold a successful career in service of Lincoln.


In the 30 years I have known Stan Parker, I have been privileged to call him my pastor, mentor, leader, and friend. Through different stages of his career, I have seen him consistently be a man of integrity, commitment, accountability, and honesty in his work and in his relationships. When I want someone to tell me the truth about a situation, I want to talk to Stan. Stan is a problem solver. He is not intimidated by tough situations, challenging people, or complex problems. He works to bring people together in service of a greater goal and finds joy and purpose in reaching cooperative solutions.   

I believe these traits are what we need in a leader for the city of Lincoln. Stan is not a politician. He has not spent his life in pursuit of political power or position. He has dedicated his life to serving our community, and while running for mayor may seem like a surprising career move, it is not out of character with Stan’s desire to see people thrive and systems improve. I’m excited to vote for Stan and see what an impact his wisdom and leadership could have on our city. 

-Maralee Bradley 

Lincoln needs a leader with the skills to address whatever issues we may face. Stan Parker is that leader! 25 years’ executive leadership experience, founding and building the MyBridge Radio network to cover most of Nebraska, and consulting with dozens of nonprofits and businesses as they define mission, develop culture and set goals have given Stan a multitude of experiences that will bring expertise to leading the 13 Department Directors in Lincoln as they and their departments serve us. 

4 years ago as we made our decision about the candidate to vote for in the mayoral election, roads, affordable housing, taxes, etc were topics we were considering… not a pandemic or rioting on Lincoln Mall. Yet those emergencies took place within the next year! While leadership related to roads is important, leadership expertise in an emergency is critical! What emergencies may Lincoln face that will require leadership expertise and strength in the next 4 years? 

Lincoln needs an experienced, seasoned executive leader who will collaborate with citizens, business & nonprofit leaders, and other city leaders as issues arise in order to reach solutions that benefit all of Lincoln. Stan Parker is a candidate to strongly consider as you prepare to cast your vote for mayor!

-Maralee Bradley 

I have been privileged to know Stan Parker for over 15 years. He is a man of profound integrity and proven leadership. Stan possesses transformative abilities and his approach to organizational improvement is widely sought in order to take non-and for-profit groups to the next level of achievement. I firmly believe Stan will bring these skills and actions to the mayor’s office. He will listen and collaborate to promote the best for the citizens of our city. He leads his family, businesses, and those he serves to excellence, and I look forward to him bringing these results to Lincoln.

-Jaime Dodge, MD

Stan has been a great friend and mentor to me for well over 10 years. He has had a big impact on my life both personally and professionally and his leadership has been crucial in these areas. He has been loving and nonjudgmental when it comes to helping me walk through challenges while remaining humble. Stan has a great ability to see the smallest of detail that can make all the difference. He has remained available to me even while his own leadership endeavors have grown. He has truly served my family and I know that his strong leadership skills and his love for this community will greatly benefit Lincoln as our next mayor.   

John Linn, Owner/Physical Therapist/LOPT

Stan Parker is the leader Lincoln has been longing for. We have all heard promises about potholes, affordable housing, etc. from Mayoral and City Council candidates for many years. We have seen politicians aspire to be Mayor of Lincoln to further their agendas and/or career. How is Stan different? 

Stan has a very transparent and clear history of non-profit leadership. He knows how to steward the money coming in and leverage it to benefit those he is called to serve. Stan is NOT a politician, but a leader of leaders! He invests in his people to encourage them to be everything they can be while also maintaining high expectations of them. 

I would encourage all Lincoln voters to do their own research, pray about who God has for such a time as this, and then VOTE in the April Primary Election!

Scott Essink, Lincoln

I met Stan when I served on the Director Team at Camp Sonshine. Through Momentum, he facilitated our team planning sessions and gave great insight. He is a leader who listens well, asks questions, and empowers others to make wise decisions. Our team grew in vision, production, and interpersonal relationships because of the way Stan encouraged, challenged, and led us. Stan is also a very personable and caring individual! For all these reasons, I am excited to vote for him as the next mayor of Lincoln!

Lauren Schwerdtfeger, former Momentum participant, stay-at-home mom, friend

I had the opportunity to experience an aspect of Stan Parker’s leadership that not many see… I was fired by him. 

We had been friends for many years. We had dreamed about working together, shoulder to shoulder. The circumstances finally came together, and with great enthusiasm I took a role in the organization he was leading.

But it didn’t work out, and Stan fired me

Yes, it was hard to go through. Hard, and necessary. And it led to me finding a career that is a much better fit for me. 

What is usually the result when someone is fired? There would typically be hard feelings, bitterness and long lasting division between the two; normally! But not in the way Stan handled the situation. 

Stan is a leader who makes the hard decisions to accomplish a mission. He does it with grace, integrity and with everyone’s best interests in mind. He is intentional and insightful in his development of teams. He is courageous and gentle in his confrontation of failure.

A man who can fire one of his best friends, keep his friendship, and bring about growth and a positive outcome in the process is the type of man Lincoln and the state of Nebraska need in leadership. Change is needed; integrity, strong, compassionate character is needed. No question… Stan Parker is absolutely that kind of man and leader.

– Robert Fitzgerald, Realtor

I’m so excited that Stan Parker is running for mayor! More than anyone I know, Stan has the talent to take a big picture view of an organization, collaborate with others to discern what direction is wise to head and lead a team of people to accomplish something great together they could never do apart! 

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a team of people accomplishing great things in the state of Nebraska under Stan’s leadership for two decades. 

Stan is a strategic, courageous, servant leader who genuinely works to see everyone around him thrive. I’ve never been so excited to cast my vote!

Lisa – Creative Director at Weeks Group LLC

I met Stan when he met with our organization’s leadership team. It was clear to me immediately that Stan was a gifted communicator and leader. As I got to know Stan better, I also learned of his deep faith and his genuine care and concern for people. One of Stan’s obvious passions is leadership development and a desire to help individuals and teams reach their full potential and maximize their God-given gifts and abilities. Stan’s experience running a non-profit and developing leaders and leadership teams in the non-profit sector and the for-profit sector make him a strong and unique candidate for Mayor. Stan has both the character and the skill set necessary to effectively lead the City of Lincoln and improve the lives of the people of Lincoln.  

Nathan Fredricks – Chief Marketing Officer, Anderson Auto Group

While serving business executives in my coaching practice, I constantly hear of the need for transparent truth and leadership, especially when circumstances are hard. Over the past 15 years, I have seen Stan model these qualities in all areas of his life, illustrated in the countless ways that he has invested in me personally when I didn’t have the strength, as well as so many others. He has coached and led non-profits from chaos to excellence. Without reservation, Stan is an invested leader with trustworthy influence for good and will steward our city well as our next mayor.

– Cheryl Hansen, Executive and Team Coach, career educator

As Stan’s daughter, I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand the impact he has made on so many individuals, teams, and communities, including myself! On a personal note, he stays firmly grounded in his commitments and values–one of those being family. Throughout my life, my dad has had a consistent and enthusiastic presence in my life, providing constant love and guidance. As an adult, I have had the opportunity to work with him in a professional capacity through leadership development. Through his work with My Bridge Momentum, he developed my leadership as a new principal and the leadership of my team. The wisdom, insight, and strategic structure he provided allowed us to continue to grow, even while leading a school through the pandemic. My dad’s ability to develop teams and leaders is unmatched! I firmly believe in the impact he can (and with your support, will) make as the next mayor of Lincoln!

I’ve known Stan for over 18 years. I can attest to his love for the people of Lincoln regardless of party lines. His leadership, integrity, wisdom, and devotion to his family and faith are inspiring. Stan is a leader of leaders, he’s genuinely humble, and he’s never abused his position of power and influence. Stan has used his influence for the greater good of people and both nonprofit and for-profit businesses for decades. 

 My family and I have had the opportunity to live life with Stan for over 26 years. As we have walked this road of life together, I can truly say that he is a man of HIGH integrity in EVERY area of life. His impact on each member of our family is BEYOND what words can express. 

Through these 26 years, I have personally witnessed him SACRIFICIALLY serve those around him. I have seen him lead his family well, serving very INTENTIONALLY as a loving husband, father, and grandfather. I have seen him PERSEVERE through life challenges in which others would have quit. I have seen him STEWARD the resources entrusted to him both personally and organizationally to the highest degree possible. I have witnessed his HIGH-LEVEL thinking abilities create new, more effective ways to move forward and solve problems. I have seen him through his high CHARACTER and LEADERSHIP SKILLS start a nonprofit organization out of nothing and develop it into a thriving and ever-expanding organization that is impacting people’s lives daily in our city, state, and even around the world.

I have NO DOUBT if he were to be elected mayor that his high leadership capacity would GREATLY impact our city and beyond.

Stan has spent his adult life training leaders – young leaders, seasoned leaders and everyone in between. I have watched Stan step into arenas he’s been familiar with and also arenas he’s been unfamiliar with. A leader is not afraid to step forward into the unknown because they believe in the direction they are stepping forward into. Leaders also do not travel alone. They cast vision and invite others to join them. Stan is an excellent communicator, and I have watched him cast clear vision that many have caught and made decisions to join him on his journey to impact people all across this state.

Something Stan has poured his heart and mind into over the past 10-15 years is formulating systematic strategies to help leaders from various types of organizations expand and grow. The Law of Multiplication is a reality I have witnessed due to the way Stan leads people. He empowers other leaders to grow exponentially so they can pour into new leaders and duplicate the strategies they have learned.  He asks insightful questions to gain understanding into challenges these organizations are facing, listens intently, then helps them problem solve to find solutions that bring necessary change and lead to growth and overcoming obstacles that previously had these same organizations stuck.

Some other observations I have witnessed in Stan’s leadership are that he is open to and continues learning new ideas. I have seen him be open to change direction when necessary, to seek a greater good. He utilizes technology to increase his impact and is a student of the many avenues and branches of how to use technology to increase his influence. He is also a strong decision maker, based on what he feels will lead to the greatest good.

I’ve known Stan for 20 years and have had the privilege of serving alongside him for just as many.  

Stan has an amazing ability to take difficult, complex problems and break them down into manageable tasks and objectives. He is a deep thinker.

Stan’s passion for excellence is only surpassed by his love for the people he serves. His life is balanced, and he loves his family.

I’ve watched Stan walk through some of life’s deepest challenges with amazing courage and faith. He’s been an inspiration to everyone he leads and serves. Stan is a born leader and an even better man.

In the time I’ve known Stan, I’ve been able to experience firsthand his depth of leadership knowledge and care for others. Stan has a God-given ability to give much needed wise counsel to others at the exact right time they need it and he sees great things in people that they don’t otherwise see in themselves. Without Stan, I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. His guidance came at a crucial time in my life, which not only helped me, but my family as well. His perspective on life is refreshing and his joyful presence is contagious. In my personal opinion… you’d be hard pressed to find a stronger leader in Lincoln!

Kyle Schwerdtfeger, MyBridge TEAM Member

I have served with Stan for seven years as we advance impact through MyBridge.

Reporting to Stan directly, I have a unique position from which to experience his strength of character and depth of leadership capacity as he stewards our organization’s financial and people resources.

Stan leads with an unparalleled energy, integrity, and value for excellence. He has established a life-giving culture in our organization and helps other businesses and organizations do the same. Stan has an incredibly high aptitude for navigating challenging situations, de-escalating conflict, and discerning action steps that create win-win situations for all parties. His investment in Nebraska leaders has accelerated the thriving of leaders, leadership teams, organizations, and communities state-wide.

I have never been challenged professionally and personally like I have in the last seven years. My character has been refined and my skills have been sharpened. I am not alone. Part of my role on our team is connecting with organizations that have been influenced by Stan’s investment through MyBridge Momentum. Stan has come alongside some of the most influential organizations in our state, equipping them with the tools to clarify their organization’s vision and unlock their growth.

Stan’s longevity in leadership, strength of character, and genuine care for the people of Lincoln make Stan Lincoln’s most strategic choice for mayor.

If everything rises and falls on leadership, Lincoln will soar with Stan as mayor.

Join me in standing with Stan, as he stands for Lincoln! 

Before I met Stan, I had heard of him – that he was smart and wise, he was a good leader, and he successfully ran non-profits. All that is true and more. I like that he listens and asks questions to try and find the best solution. Stan is respectful of every idea. He is easy to talk to, so if you see him out and about, start a conversation and see for yourself. He is a man of great character and integrity

Gabriela Fredricks, mom and wife

Integrity. Intelligence. Caring. Compassion. Connections. Work ethic. All of these words are part of who Stan Parker is.

I have known Stan since I was a sophomore in college. I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside of and under his leadership for nearly eight years with Mission Nebraska. Very few people get to work with their mentor and friend, who is one of the best leaders in our state. Even today, 15 years after taking a new position with a different organization, I still call to seek Stan’s wisdom and advice to help me and my organization be better.

Stan Parker would be a great mayor. He authentically cares about people. No one who has met Stan is not a friend, getting a huge bear hug the first and every time they meet. He wants to make a difference in his work, championing causes in Lincoln as well as across the state. One major piece as to why Stan is such a impactful person is he is constantly learning, reading, studying whatever is needed to better himself and his workplace. But, the most important piece, he doesn’t just learn to learn, he applies what he’s learned and uses it as a tool for betterment. I have never met a person who knows right and wrong better. If something isn’t beneficial, Stan has no part of it. Stan is the right leader for Lincoln right now.

The only negative I have about Stan running for mayor is I don’t live in Lincoln and can’t vote for him! Stan Parker is the right candidate for Lincoln mayor.

I got to know Stan while working at a local non-profit. He volunteered to help us with our strategic planning process. Stan did a phenomenal job of nurturing our team to navigate some difficult situations and pushing us in our leadership ability. His efforts propelled us through several organizational challenges that we couldn’t have tackled without him. Stan is an amazing man of strong character and pure motive. I have no doubt his deep knowledge of leadership and his extensive experience in creating effective teams will have a huge positive impact on our city. I am excited for Stan to serve the citizens of Lincoln as mayor.

When I think of Stan Parker, the one word that comes to mind is family. Since meeting Stan when asked to be a supporter and board member of MyBridge in 2005, I have observed all the family ties that comprise Stan’s life. From caring for aging parents and siblings while separated by great distance, to his immediate family of wife, children and now grandchildren, Stan is to me a great example of a man who follows God’s direction in taking care of family. The same is true in how he guides and directs the family that is MyBridge. As MyBridge expands into all the various facets it now entails, each new member who comes on board is treated by Stan as a loved and valued family member. As the patriarch of each of the family units in his life, Stan has grown in the wisdom and knowledge of how to deal with the joys and sorrows that we face each day.

While new to politics and responsibilities of the job of Mayor of Lincoln, I have every confidence that Stan would take on the city as part of his expanded family, and guide it as he does the other family units in his life!

Charlie Moore, Pharmacist, MyBridge Board member

I met Stan Parker while attending Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2000.

After graduating, my first full time job was with MyBridge, which he founded and was leading. I’m still serving at MyBridge to this day and that is 100% because of Stan’s leadership.

He has created a culture within MyBridge that expects excellence and works together to achieve it. He is a man of vision and when there is clear vision people flourish! He values the insights that the people around him have, I have always felt heard. He doesn’t need consensus in the end on directions and decisions but the way he leads is not through command and control but discussion and debate.

He is always reading something and most likely a leadership sharpening book. As he sharpens himself, he takes the new insights and he is able to transfer that knowledge into empowering his team to do great work. His leadership style has made me a better person.

He is a man of integrity. I’ve known him as a leader and I’ve known him as a friend, even living in a spare bedroom of Stan and Rachels for a season. He is absolutely, hands down, the most consistent person I know.  His moral compass is unwavering and I admire greatly. Honestly, when something bad happens to me or something confusing is happening in the world around me, he’s the first person I call because he is like a rock. I know the way he is thinking will help steady me through the storms.

He has a unique gift to make people feel loved, heard and valued. He has more friends than anyone I know and it’s not just surface level friendship. He listens and cares for people.  If he knows you, be ready for a hug every time you see him! He loves people well.

When he told me he was considering a run for Mayor, I knew immediately that there is no one I would trust more in this position than him. He is absolutely the kind of leader and person I would want making decisions about the way of life in my city. Who he is allows those around him to thrive! I want what I’ve had for the last 20 years of my life for the entire city of Lincoln!

Stan Parker’s influence on so many lives is rooted in one simple reality – people trust him. Over the course of almost three decades, I have leaned on his wisdom many times, and I still consider him to be my mentor. In an era when compassion and loyalty are best combined with a steadfast commitment to truth, he is someone others can count on. He does not shy away from tough conversations or difficult circumstances. Ultimately, Stan’s authenticity strikes a chord with many because it is uncommon.

I’ve known Stan for more than two decades. My respect and admiration seems to grow every year! Integrity can be damaged in a second but takes time to build, and I’ve watched Stan display consistent character over thousands of decisions & situations.  Long-term trusted leadership is a rarity these days, and Stan is the rarest of the rare. I know Lincoln will benefit from his wisdom, empowering leadership, clear vision, strategic thinking, and moral fortitude.  It’s one thing to admire someone from afar, but I’ve had a front-row seat as we have lived life and served with one another closely for almost 25 years. I’m a better person for it… my family is better for it… and I know of hundreds of others who have been positively impacted as well. I can’t wait to see how my old hometown will flourish under his mayoral servant-leadership too!

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