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Stan Parker Announces Candidacy for Lincoln Mayor 

Non-profit leader and former Husker Stan Parker invites Lincolnites together to, stand for Lincoln

Dateline: LINCOLN, Nebraska, October 5, 2022 – This morning Stan Parker, executive director of MyBridge, announced his candidacy for Mayor of Lincoln in the Spring 2023 election.

“My decision to run for mayor is built upon my deep appreciation for the ideals our country was founded upon and a clear understanding that our ability to thrive is significantly defined and outlined by the decisions and policies of those we choose to put into office,” Parker explained. “I believe the role of mayor, while having political aspects, is first and foremost a leadership position.” 

Leadership has been Parker’s focus since he stepped onto the Husker football field in 1982. Developed under Coach Tom Osborne and honed through years of nonprofit ministry, including founding MyBridge in 2009, his leadership skills are now focused on leading MyBridge Radio as well as coaching business and nonprofit leadership teams in the MyBridge Momentum Building Process. 

Parker believes those same skills will enable him to bring leadership excellence to the office of mayor, making the same type of investments in our city leaders and department heads. “Each and every major function of our city, that encompasses any and all of our concerns, has a leader stewarding that area on our behalf. The promise I make to you is that if I am elected mayor, the 13 men and women, the city directors, will be my top priority, serving them as they serve you! And from executing this process together you, I, and the department leadership will navigate and nail down decisions that we STAND together on and which will allow Lincoln to thrive!”

Having served in non-profit organizations since graduating from college, Parker founded MyBridge in 2009. He serves as the Executive Director, leading the growth of the ministry to encompass three domains – MyBridge Radio, MyBridge Momentum and MyBridge to the Nations. Beginning with one radio station in 2003, under his leadership the MyBridge Radio network has grown to 8 stations and multiple translators covering much of Nebraska, including the I-80 corridor across the state. In 2021, Parker led the launch of MyBridge Español with an initial station and translator, adding a second translator in 2022 and poised to add additional stations in the next year to serve Nebraskans whose heart language is Spanish. 

Out of Parker’s 30+ years of nonprofit leadership experience, applying the knowledge he gleaned and resources he created, he developed MyBridge Momentum, focused on serving leadership teams of nonprofit organizations. Each week he coaches teams in the implementation of the Momentum Building Process, empowering them to develop a robust operating system that drives consistent predictable performance, leveraging their building momentum to consistently navigate breaking through ceilings.

Parker and his wife Rachel have been married for 37 years. Their family includes Josiah, a physical therapist who lives in Omaha with his wife Kim and two delightful children Titus and Ruby; Karis, an educator in Kansas City; and Shalom, an art therapist in Chicago. 

Parker said, “I am excited to engage with my fellow citizens of Lincoln and with Lincoln’s leaders over the next months, sharing our perspectives and how we can together STAND for Lincoln.”

Additional information is available at www.StanforLincoln.com. 


Stan Parker 


Phone: 531.278.2023


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